Clearing Out Doubts On Tree Pruning

Clearing Out Doubts On Tree Pruning

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Planning to hire Maryland tree pruning services? It must be kept in mind that tree pruning is not about haphazard cutting. There are certain ways to carry out the trimming job. In fact, using saws and pruners, you can also take care of the basic part. However, it is always better to hire experts since they will have clear knowledge on which part of the tree to cut, trim, and by how much. They also possess the best idea on the right time to get the job done. Pruning and trimming is essential for the good health of the plant. It is not about cutting the plant to shorten its height or some similar type of peculiar reasons. These procedures are scientifically proven to improve the health of a plant.

Learn about tree pruning

There are four different purposes for which pruning and trimming of a tree is done.

Fine pruning                                 

Fine pruning or commonly, trimming, is done to improve the overall appearance of the plant. This step involves very limited cutting/trimming of the plant.

Standard pruning

Standard pruning is done to improve the structure of the plant. Here, more cutting is done.

Safety pruning

Hazard or Safety pruning is the process where stems and branches of the tree are removed due to safety purpose. You may notice many trees that have very low thick branches. These branches can cause danger to vehicles or pedestrians. So to ensure safety, these low branches are removed.

Crown reduction

Crown reduction is done to remove the top or side branches of the trees. This is necessary to prevent the branches from reaches the utility lines or from causing any damage to the roofs. It also helps in allowing sunlight and air to reach inner branches.

Professional Pruning services

For best results, it is always advisable to hire trained professionals from a reputed tree trimming company in MD to get the trimming and pruning work carried out. In case you plan to carry out the task by your own, try to avoid climbing spurs. These spurs can damage the tree barks and trunks. It must be ensured that the barks attached to the edges of pruning cuts are firmly attached. For bigger and heavier branches, it must be ensured that they are cut perfectly in sections to prevent the bark from causing any kind of splitting and tearing. Also, never forget to use ropes while lowering the heavy braches off the tree or else it may damage the ground severely.

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