All you want to know about seasonal allergy

All you want to know about seasonal allergy


The reactions caused by human immune system to foreign substances like pollen, pet dander, bee venom etc are commonly known as allergies. Antibodies are substances produced by human immune system. In allergies, antibodies are produced identifying the allergen as harmful, though they may not be really harmful.  When patient’s body comes in contact with such allergen the reaction caused can inflame sinuses, digestive system, airways or your skin. Allergic asthma, food allergies, drug allergies, spring allergies, latex allergies etc are some of the important allergy categories commonly found.


Understanding spring allergies

Seasonal allergy also known as hay fever or spring allergies is experienced by 8 % of the American population. Reaction of your immune system to outdoor allergen like pollen is the root cause for hay fever.  As spring seasons starts everybody dreams about enjoying outdoors, and getting comfortable sleep in the fresh air. But unfortunately, spring allergies spoil this spirit. The spring allergy clinic is seen filled with patients and every allergy doctor is busy with unending queue of seasonal allergy patients.

People with severe sniffing and sneezing problems   want a spring allergy doctor to be always with them. Important spring allergy symptoms like itchy eyes, runny nose, coughing, sneezing, etc become rampant and such patients naturally yearn for an allergy doctor near me. Shortness of breath, headache, coughing, wheezing etc is less common symptoms of seasonal allergy. The pain and suffering caused by spring allergies can be reduced if such patients keep a vigilant attitude and reduce the possibility of physical contact with pollen grains which is the allergy trigger in spring allergies.  Now let us seen how this can be achieved.

In America National Bureau for Allergy maintains a website from where an allergist or an ordinary person like you can get the pollen count in your locale. This count gives the amount of pollen present in a specific amount of air for a particular period, say 24 hours. This knowledge will help you to get better precautions when necessary and you can approach a nasal allergy doctor or a nasal allergy clinic at the appropriate time. It is better to see that an allergist near me policy will help such patients to escape from the sufferings of seasonal allergy.

Immunotherapy is a treatment method in which immune response in human body is enhanced or suppressed or induced by administering suitable medicines.  This is also known as allergy shots. Immunotherapy will be most suitable for patients who do not like to take medications or feel that the medicines taken by them are insufficient or for those who need long-term treatment with lesser medications.

For patients who suffer from allergic asthma, allergy shots are recommended. In most nasal allergy clinic these types of treatments are available for various forms of cancer. The working of allergy shots can be considered as similar to that of the vaccines. Particular allergens are injected gradually increasing its dosage step by step.  This helps the decrease in allergy symptoms and consequent inconveniences when the patient is exposed to allergens.

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