All one needs to know about commercial microwave oven repair

All one needs to know about commercial microwave oven repair


Importance of microwave ovens in today’s restaurant business is undisputable. The trained technicians of commercial microwave oven repair services charge high amount for its repair. Keeping commercial microwave oven safe and without damages is very important to avoid unnecessary repair charges. So, this article is intended to provide information regarding this matter. If you follow the instructions in this article, you will be able to carry out minor repairs of microwave oven yourself. The cost for this will be very less compared to the costs charged by such agencies.

Online database

There are some online sites maintained by microwave oven manufacturers providing solutions to problems related to such ovens. Some instructional videos are also published in the web, which everybody can view and understand everything needed for repairing microwave ovens. This will help them to save much money by avoiding to contact some commercial microwave oven repair agencies.

Common problems

  • Bad interlocking of door can lead to blowing of fuses. In such cases replacing the defective door is the solution.
  • Due to old age or continued usage the fuse of microwave ovens may get damaged. Replace such fuses and solve the problem.
  • The touchpad may show erratic operation due to spilling. In such cases let the touch pad dry out within one week or so. The problem will be solved.
  • The circuit board of a microwave oven is a good place for bugs to raise their family. So cleaning the circuit board regularly can avoid this problem.

Preventive maintenance

  • For assuring safety and convenience it is recommended to follow the following suggestions.
  • Read the user’s manual completely and carefully. You will be surprised to understand the features provided in the oven which you were not aware at all.
  • It is better to select a stand-alone oven if possible rather than built-in ones.
  • Choose a location which has easy access and is not either too low or too high.
  • Put the oven on its own 3 wire dedicated circuit.
  • Check that the plug is tight and the outlet is not heated up during the ovens use.
  • Provide adequate ventilation. Do not place it near to a wall or wedge it inside a tight cabinet.
  • Do not allow children to use microwave oven without proper supervision. Simple things like microwave popcorn can explode and lead to fire. Do not heat the food too longer than needed. For example for the pre-fixed time of 4.20 minutes do not heat for 5.00 minutes.

Even after following these preventive measures if you find any problems in microwave then better to seek help from a professional appliance repair service virginia.

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