7 Types Of Area Rugs You Can Choose From

7 Types Of Area Rugs You Can Choose From


Area rugs are not a downright replacement for carpets. They are there to embellish the furniture, and are often placed upon the regular carpet. Rugs and carpets are poles apart in terms of overall look and size. Rugs are far smaller than carpets; carpets tend to cover giant rooms and halls whereas rugs tend to cover smaller areas of a room. Area rugs offer a fair deal of variation and comfort. Before checking out rugs on sale, you should know the types of area rugs explained below.


Shags are usually considered to be small-size rugs that can be placed in living areas or television lounges. It is a puffy rug with long woolen threads visible on the surface. Just because these threads are quite superficial and visible, it is better to set your foot on the rug with your shoes off. Just for an instance, if you are wearing a high-heel pair of sandals, you are likely to drag a few threads.

Shag rugs are usually manufactured using woolen material that’s why they feel so soft and squishy under the feet.


Needlepoint rugs are often a delight to watch. They can be presented as gifts on weddings and birthdays too. Some amazing art work done on the rugs make them so special. There would be floral designs drawn on them, for instance. And, all these designs are meant to be delineated with a finesse and subtlety.

Such intricate needle-work cannot bear a lot of traffic hence you better place it in a low-mobility area. It is an excellent paragon of a decorative piece hence you can place it where it gets the due attention.

Cut and Loops

Such kinds of rugs have beautiful and ravishing designs drawn over them with a low-loop pile and a high-cut pile. The best thing about these rugs is, they’re neither way too plain nor way too oomphy. They are simple, solid and elegant. There is a soothing as well as an elusive texture given to these cut-and-loops. If you take a glimpse of such a rug at any of the shops offering it, it has the tendency to take your breath away as it appears to be quite wholesome.

Cut Piles

Cut pile rugs are the simplest of all rugs. There’s a lot of simplicity and lucidity and absolutely no pretense when it comes to cut piles. They’re super soft and slushy as they tend to provide you comfort in the first place. They are not a textbook example of decorative pieces but they can render easement and relief. When you land on one of these rugs, you actually feel it to be slushy and squelchy.

Flat Weaves

Flat weave rugs are extremely simple woven rugs. Yes, these can offer various colors and textures, but that is not intricate or touch-me-not kind of artistry. Flat weaves are a great option for places with a high mobility. They can be consumed for a much longer duration, and there’s very less chances of these rugs getting coarse.


Kilims are quite simple yet attractive rugs that tend to add fervor to low-key furniture too. The best part about Kilim rugs is that they are quite lightweight and can be relocated as many times as you want. Even if you stack them somewhere, they are least likely to occupy any space. They are user-friendly and permissible towards a heavy mobility. You can place them in your bedroom, hallway, dining room and wherever you want. They can complement every possible nook of your abode.

Oriental Rugs

We can also name them as traditional rugs. Oriental rugs originate from the eastern part of the globe, and are commonly used in countries appearing on that particular nook of the world map. They are so diverse in terms of design and artistry. They come in unique colors and out-of-the-box artwork.

Oriental rugs are neither too hard nor too squishy under the feet, they are just lukewarm — somewhere in the middle of soft and prickly. Rest assured, they are still quite comfortable to set your feet on. Area oriental rugs Alexandria are not likely to cause you any discomfort if you are roaming around barefoot. Oh, and by the way, they are, without a shadow of doubt, a textbook epitome of decorative area rugs.

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