6 Things To Consider When Picking Wedding Date

6 Things To Consider When Picking Wedding Date


You have everything in your mind for your wedding for example; you know which wedding party rentals to hire, what type of dress you want, what would be the theme of your wedding but the most difficult task you find is to pick a wedding date. Read further to know some tips to pick the perfect wedding date.

Venue’s Availability

If you have a specific venue in your mind for your wedding, it is important that you check the availability of the venue before you pick a date for your wedding. Pay a visit to the venue and talk to the manager about it, get the details of its availability so that you can make plans accordingly because if the venue is booked for a longer time and you cannot wait until then, you would, unfortunately, have to look for another one.

Pick the Right Season

Another factor to keep in mind while choosing a date for the wedding is the right season. If you live in a place where weather conditions get extreme in some seasons then choose the date from a season that is the safest and convenient for everyone. Because in unsuitable weather conditions, not only your guests would be unable to attend the wedding, you would find difficulty in finding wedding rentals as these companies don’t offer services in such weather conditions.

The Right Day

On weekdays, you would encounter much higher prices of table, chair, stage and tent rentals for the wedding than on weekends. However, it is totally up to you and your budget. If you want to have wedding on a weekday then choose any randomly but if you have a strict budget and want to stick to it then, it is suggested to choose a day from weekend. You can also choose a weekday if your guests won’t be coming from abroad or other cities. Some people also go for Friday due to religious reasons. Figure out what day would be suitable for your wedding keeping all the things in mind and pick the date.

Think About Any Special Date

Is there any date that is very special and memorable for you? Would you like to double the joy of that date by picking it up for your wedding? Well, this could be a pretty interesting and exciting thing. So, think closely or ask your partner about it. You both can definitely come up with a memorable date that would be perfect for your wedding. Otherwise, you can pick the same date your parents or grandparents were married, Valentine’s Day, the date of your engagement or the date you and your partner met. Brainstorm about it with your fiancé and choose the best date that you both would love to have your wedding at.

Consider Your Budget

With all the excitement and overwhelming feeling of wedding, you can completely forget to stick to your wedding budget which will later give you unpleasant shock. In order to avoid it, keep your budget in mind while picking up the date for example; know the months in which the venues and other rentals such as chair, table and tent rentals for wedding have lower their prices so that you get great discounts and save a good amount of money. In this way, everything can easily be done within the budget without making you stressed out.

Check with Your Close Guests

Close guests are your friends and family members that must be on your wedding. And to ensure that, you should check with them if they don’t have anything else on the date you have picked. Because you wouldn’t want your best friend not attending your wedding just because he/she had a business trip planned on the same date and you didn’t check with him/her about it when deciding the wedding date. However, after you have decided the date after much asking around from close ones to avoid any conflict, stick to it.

Wedding is the most beautiful event in anyone’s life and they want it to be as perfect as they can.

Choosing the right date is the best way to make your wedding perfect as from attendance of guests to choosing table and chair rentals for wedding MD, everything should be done as you desire.

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