6 Interesting Chimney And Fireplace Facts You Should Know

6 Interesting Chimney And Fireplace Facts You Should Know

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When you talk to a chimney contractor, he/she will provide you with some amazing information regarding the chimney sweeping that is sure to drop your jaws!

Importance of chimney sweeping

Chimney Fires

According to chimney contractors, maximum house fires are caused by chimney fires!

This means you need to be extra careful with your fireplace or chimneys by keeping them maintained and cleaned.

Creosote Can Cause Chimney Fires

Yes, you heard it right. The sticky tar like substance or simply creosote is one of the main causes for chimney fires. If chimney sweeping is ignored and creosote is build up, then lighting a fire can cause the creosote to burn up profusely. This will cause extremely black smoke which is harmful to health and a chimney fire if ignore for long!

Chimneys Containing Metal Liners Also Requires Yearly Cleaning

Chimney contractors always put emphasis on this. Many people believe that with the presence of metal liners, they will not need a yearly and through sweeping. If you are one of those people, then stop right now. Metal liners also require thorough cleaning however the cleaning of a chimney with metal liners is easy and not costly as compare to the ones that don’t have any metal liners.

Home Remedies Are Not Effective in Keeping the Chimneys Spotless

If you are the type of person to have firm belief on home remedies, then Boohoo to you!

Home remedies do work but up to some extent. They do not keep your chimneys spotless forever. The best way to use the remedies is by getting a chimney sweep first and then lining them up with your personal remedies. That way, the buildup of soot or other debris will be less as compared to any other chimney

If You Have a Chimney, You Need Yearly Cleaning

Some of you go to lengths to avoid cleaning your chimney. The reason is that you simply can’t do it yourself and you can’t hire some chimney contractor marlboro md because of the heavy expense. But if your house contains a chimney then whether you use it or not, you need to get yearly cleanings for it. Whether you do it yourself or by somebody else, that is none of our concern. But if you don’t then the chances of you getting disease or a chimney fire is extremely high!

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