6 At-Home Hair Coloring Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

6 At-Home Hair Coloring Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make


Due to the present pandemic conditions, people are bored at home, trying new things. And in the list of those things comes hair coloring and different balayage hairstyles.

No doubt, the color boxes in the drug store look fascinating, and you might want to try them. But there are some apparent mistakes you make during the process. Read on to know about those at-home hair coloring mistakes that you shouldn’t make.

Not Managing Expectations

This is the most common mistake many first-timers make. They expect the color to come out as portrayed in the picture on the box. But you need to keep in mind that every hair type is different.  And the drug color boxes are not as customized as they should be. Maybe you have more porous or darker hair as compared to someone else who tried the same color. Therefore, you can’t say about the results.

Moreover, even if you’re trying to predict the outcomes by looking at the sample hair strands, you’re wrong there as well. It is because those samples show what that color looks like on white hair. And if you have dark hair, it is not going to work.

Picking Up The Wrong Dye

You’re not as informed as a hair colorist. So, you might not know what ingredient is going to work on your hair. Also, sometimes the application of a dye over a drug store dye can cause massive effects on your hair.

Many hairstylists claim that some drugstore dyes are metallic dyes. And when you apply salon dyes on those hair dyed with metallic shades, the results are dangerous. You might witness smoke rising from the foil. More than scary, right.

Wrong Application

The most common mistake that many people make is applying the dye wrong. It happens even when someone is so sure about the application and is using it that way for a long time. For instance, if you’re applying the hair dye twice to get a dark look, you’re doing it wrong. Instead of getting the dark look, you’ll only end getting a fake look.

Moreover, many times while doing the application on your own, you start applying the color from hair at the front, those that are close to your face. But mainly, the hair at the back needs more of your attention. Secondly, when re-dyeing hair, most of the people do it all over the head instead of the roots only, which is wrong.

Bleaching By Yourself

In hair dying, bleaching is a great responsibility. And most preferably, it should be best left to the professionals. Or else you’ll end up having damaged and brittle hair. While in other cases, you can also get your hair colored orange.

Most importantly, if you’re trying to bleach your dark hair, your chances of going wrong are more. And this is better left to the professionals. Keep in mind that bleach is harsh and strong, and you should only do it when you’re practiced in it.

Time Issues

As discussed in earlier steps, you’re not a professional, and you might not know the right timing for your hair. It’s not about the time given on the drug store color box because that is for everyone in general. So, not knowing your hair type and the effect of the ingredients on your hair, you don’t know how much time your hair needs.

Moreover, different hair has a different number of cuticle layers. And lesser the layers, the less time it will take for the dye to absorb. So, if you’re leaving the hair color for too long in this kind of hair, you’ll end up having damaged hair.

Also, many of the dark hair types have more cuticle layers. And washing off the dye too early will give you dull and uneven results.

Coloring The Light Hair Dark

Coloring your blonde hair pitch black is a task best left to the professionals. You can’t do it on your own. And something even worse than that is trying to color your previously lightened hair dark. Most probably, you’ll end up having either too light or too dark results. Or too undertone or overtone highlights. If you can’t fix your hair dye, go to a hair color correction specialist Rockville.

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