4 Shoulder Problems And Their Treatments

4 Shoulder Problems And Their Treatments


Any problem in your shoulders can lead to serious damage and inactivity of your hand. These problems are mostly associated with the shoulder bone, muscles and cartilages of your arm. One wrong whip and things can take a painful turn for you and your shoulder. So, we took help from orthopedic doctors to tell you about four common should problems and their treatments.

Separation of the Bone

Separation in the shoulder is due to an impact or fall that the bone is not able to handle. This issue can be detected by an x-ray. The main problem area where a shoulder separates is the region between your shoulder blade and the collar bone. Your bones are held together, to each other, by muscular fibers, called ligaments.

A hard impact can tear the ligaments holding your shoulder blade and collarbone together. This, in turn, can cause a lot of pain in your shoulder and you can have trouble in moving your shoulder. As painful as it sounds, luckily, it is curable, and a very common problem associated with sportsmen or workers, who tend to take a hard fall.

For this problem, the doctor will firstly place your bones back in place, then a cast or securing is put on your shoulder. You will not be able to move your hand for a while, probably a couple of weeks, but this is enough time for your ligaments to develop again and hold the bones back together.

Dislocation of the Shoulder

You know your shoulder is in the right place, because the bone is secured in the shoulder cap. Dislocation happens when your arm is pulled onto the extent that the bone is removed from the shoulder cap, also called as socket. This will leave a physical dent on your body, because obviously, your bone is not in its right place. Pulling your arm doesn’t cause dislocation only, a fall on your shoulder can also lead to you dislocating your shoulder.

This is characterized by pain in your shoulder, the physical deformation and weakness in your shoulder. The dislocation also messes up with your nerves, not much, but enough for your fingers and arm to feel weak and sensation-less. Just like separation, dislocation can be cured by casting your arm.

Firstly, your arm will be relocated in place, either by stretching or maneuvering it. Afterwards, when the bone is in the socket, your arm will be casted. After a couple of weeks, your shoulder will be good as new.


Fractures are very common in a lot of people. Fracture is the breaking of your bone from a weak point, it involves the bone being broken into two. This is a very painful problem. Shoulder fractures happen when the bone breaks from your collar bone and humerus.

Fractures can be identified by excessive pains after a whip or fall, in some cases there will be bruising as well. Your arm will sag as well, if the fracture is in your collarbone, because the collarbone is the main support of your shoulder and arm. Fractures take a lot of time to heal, the doctor will relocate your broken bone and case it in place. Then the healing process begins, mostly taking a couple of months, because the bone must be regenerated from the point of breakage.

This means that your arm will be casted for a long time. The pain still progresses even in your cast, so doctors or surgeons will usually prescribe some painkillers for you to take, as well, when the pain becomes unbearable.

Frozen Shoulder

Your shoulder joint is prone to get jammed or “freeze” if you don’t move it a lot. This condition is more common in old people, who are not mobile anymore. A frozen shoulder will not have the ability to move all the way up, because the joint in your shoulder gets frozen or jammed. A frozen shoulder can be treated by regular physical therapy.

At first, the patient might feel a lot of pain, when you try to move the arm straight up, but after regular sessions, the joint will loosen up and will be able to move again.

If you find any of those problems, you should visit a shoulder surgeon Woodbridge for a proper treatment.

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