3 Easy Ways To Remove Hair Color

3 Easy Ways To Remove Hair Color


You’d be enthralled to get your hair dyed in the spur of the moment if you never had them colored before. Your enthusiasm can entice you into giving it a try, but there is no certainty that you are going to like your hair after they’re colored. If you want to correct it only, you can go to a hair color correction specialist. However, if you want to eliminate your hair color. Here’s how you can easily do it

Best Ways To Remove Hair Dye

Use A Mixture Of Dandruff Shampoo And Baking Soda

When there are several ways to naturally remove your hair color, what’s the need to go to the hair salon and get your hair fixed? Make the most of ingredients available at your home and see how they work wonders. There are two key ingredients that you need to have in store to be able to make a formulae for dye removal.

You need to go to a grocery store or any other place in the market where you can find a dandruff shampoo and baking soda. Dandruff shampoo cannot be replaced with an ordinary shampoo. And, baking soda should never be conflated with baking powder. Take care of these two important things and you’ll be good to go.

Take considerable portions of these two things in a bowl and mix them until they become inseparable. Stand under a shower and soak your hair with water. Apply this mixture instead of a shampoo, and leave it to dry for a while. When you see it sinking well, give it a few more minutes and then rinse it off.

Baking soda is a good bleaching agent and dandruff shampoo is usually more of a heavy-duty product, hence this combination is meant to give you a surprisingly good result.

Use A Blend Of Dish Soap And Shampoo

If you are not habitual of using a dandruff shampoo, you can totally skip it. Here’s an all the more special trick that keeps you from using a dandruff shampoo. You can simply mix your regular shampoo with your dish soap to remove your hair color. Just so you know, your dye cannot be vanished in one go, it’ll take several attempts. It implies, you will have to apply this mixture on your hair more than once.

Dish soaps have tendencies to remove or at least mitigate the substance they are applied on. It may sound crazy but it is totally sane to have a dish soap applied on your hair for the sake of dye removal. If you still doubt whether it is going to work for your hair or not, check the result it brings about in the first attempt.

Take a reasonable amount of dish soap and regular shampoo in a small bowl, blend them well, apply it on your already wet hair using a brush or a spatula. And by the way, apply it on the colored area and leave the rest of your hair just as they were. Let the mixture bode well with your hair. Rinse it off eventually. On a side note, keep your eyes closed while standing under the shower so that the mixture doesn’t penetrate them.

A Mixture Of Vinegar And Warm Water Will Do The Job

Natural ingredients that are easily available in the kitchen are the best remedy for such sort of problems. You do not have to reach out to a professional hair stylist for every little issue that occurs after dying your hair. Your purpose can be served in much less money spent.

Try and fetch vinegar from a grocery store because it is going to be the key ingredient for the mixture you will be applying on your colored hair. Vinegar has magical tendencies to alleviate the color, so do not hesitate before using it. Along with vinegar, you need to get yourself a bowl full of slightly warm water. These two ingredients are going to be blended together in order to palliate the dye instilled in your hair.

Soak your hair with this mixture and wrap your hair with a swim-cap or a scarf you’re no longer using. Leave it for about 20 minutes. Rinse it off standing under a shower. See the results after a couple of attempts.

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