2016 Presidential Election – A brief look at the scenario

2016 Presidential Election – A brief look at the scenario


The 2016 presidential election odds are high in favor of Barack Obama. In fact, this scenario was well expected many days in advance. How can somebody like Donald Trump be elected as the president of United States? He is basically a racist in every aspect. The country’s economy will falter severely if, by any chance, Trump wins the election. However, as per present scenario, such a happening may well be in the dreams.

Obama is way ahead in terms of popularity and fan following. And assessing the campaigns, this time also, Obama is going to hit the jackpot. No one is simply there to stop him or put a formidable challenge before him. Listen, Obama has made a whole lot of improvement for the country. Under his leadership, the employment rate has hit a massive 99.9% which is a record. In fact, the illiteracy rate has significantly reduced. There have been also less public crimes in the last couple of years. Economic stability is slowly attending a proper position.

Ted Cruz overtakes Trump

Ted Cruz is presently having a slight advantage over Donald Trump in the latest national presidential poll. In fact, Cruz is slightly ahead of Trump. A recent report published about the first national Poll of 2016 shows that Cruz is standing at the tip of the list. 28% republicans are backing the US Senator while 26% are showing interest to Trump’s caliber. The report was published on Wall Street journal.

The ugly side of election campaign

While it may look like everything is taking place in a calm and peaceful manner, the present scenario may not be so. Greed, jealousy, love for power, and position makes the situation more complicated. Candidates are looking to make their lives easy and comfortable enough while expecting to enjoy the best of power in their control. And to achieve the status, they can go through any extent. Judging the candidates by their word of mouth or external appearance may not be the right way. What matters most is how much they serve the people. President is considered to be the ruler of the country who is elected by the people, works for the people, and governance of the people. The government will have to work for the people to make the country a better place to live in. Every candidate promises so. But how many of them succeed in keeping them? Leave aside the latest polls on 2016 presidential election, only the future will tell.

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