10 Types Of Pavers And When They Are Used

10 Types Of Pavers And When They Are Used

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Nowadays, a masonry contractor can help you choose from a wide range of pavers; from stone to porcelain, and from concrete to rubber. Maybe, after going through this blog, you will have to reconsider your choice for the pavement.

Driveways paving tips

Here, you are going to get a lot of information about new materials along with the old ones.

  1. Brick Pavers

This is one of the oldest materials to build driveways. It is made up of molded clay, so it is eco-friendly. In addition to this, it is easy to clean it. However, as mentioned before, it is mostly used for driveways, brick pavers need a lot of maintenance.

Nevertheless, it has a fantastic feature. As it is easy to bake the bricks, you can have brick pavers in a lot of designs and colors. So, you can choose it for your patio. Brick patio design looks good as you can have a lot of variety to design your patio uniquely using different styles of brick patio design.

  1. Concrete Pavers

They are better to use if you are looking for durability. It has been in use since centuries, so its toughness cannot be challenged. It is a good option for mass implementation. Moreover, it is quite expensive.

  1. Rubber

It is somewhat a new kind of pavement option, and it’s great if you are concerned about your environment as it is eco-friendly material. It is durable, cheaper, and slip resistant. Most importantly, it is shock-absorbent. However, it should not get wet as it may expand when exposed to water or other moist substances. Being a recycled material, it is environment-friendly.

  1. Porcelain

It is durable and less costly as compared to other naturally made slabs. Its smooth surface makes it easy to clean quickly. Additionally, it is available in different colors and shapes. However, it has one drawback. If you want to buy paver for some sloppy area, do not use it. Being plain surfaced, it may not be safe to walk over it during the rainy season. Especially, avoid using it if you are living in some snow area.

  1. Stone Pavers

As there is a lot of variety concerning stony materials, which are in use as pavers, a masonry contractor can help you a lot during the selection process. There is a lot of variety concerning stony pavers, so their features are discussed individually.

  1. Marble

It is a widely used stone as it can be polished again and again. Due to this property, you can use it for both indoor and outdoor pavement and flooring projects.

  1. Cobblestone

It is durable; however, its overall looks is a bit older to use it for patio or driveway.

  1. Bluestone

This stone is available in different sizes and shapes, and also it is durable. As it has a charismatic color, its look is royal. However, it is essential to mention that its color fades away with the passage of time due to constant exposure with sunlight.

  1. Flagstone

As it is carved out from sedimentary rocks, its shape is entirely different. It is being placed in the form of the puzzle which gives it a unique design. Mostly, patios are made up of this stone. It is so because it has non-slippery texture and its shapelessness allows you and the masonry contractor to use it to make any pattern. However, you need to keep in mind that flagstone is a bit more costly than other kinds of stone.

  1. Travertine

It looks like marble and available in different colors. In addition to this, it is cheaper than marble. Plus, its color doesn’t fade away. Moreover, it is a good insulator to heat, so if you are living in some hot place, you can use it as a natural insulator. Also, it is good to use for outdoor flooring and pavement options.

Taking almost, everything into consideration, it can be advised that research well before choosing any paving material. As a contractor knows the market, he can tell you which type of paver will suit your home or any other building which you want to get paved. He can help you to select from simple brick patio designs to choose paver for commercial buildings. Lagrass

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