10 Things Arborists Won’t Tell You

10 Things Arborists Won’t Tell You

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When you hire an arborist you tend to ask many questions and you think you’ve got it all up your sleeve. What you do not know is that arborist services also have some hidden secrets up their sleeves which they don’t tell you.

The Price Check

When you call us and ask about the quotation and also say that you are just comparing prices and will hire the one with the cheapest then we generally tend to increase our rate to shoo you away because all the processes of tree care and removal need skills which don’t come cheap.

The Liability Check

Do not just ask us for insurance and authentic documents but see a physical copy and papers with your eyes so if anything goes wrong such as an on sight accident, then you will not have to bear the consequences.

Knock Knock

Arborists who come knocking at your door out of nowhere are just scammers. They offer to give you services at cheap prices. They might be robbers or just looters who destroy your tree in the name of pruning and trimming and bag money from you.


If we reschedule or cancel the appointment then we have gotten a huge full time project or a much higher paying work for the same date and we would not want to leave that.

Scheduling Off Season

Another secret is to schedule or book an appointment with us in the off season that is autumn and Winters. Most people get their work done in the peak season, hence the high rates. We will give you better rates and deals in the off season plus we will have ample time to check your tree thoroughly. Off season is also better for the health of your tree.

Mulching The Wrong Way

Mulching at the base of your tree trunk will just restrict the oxygen and nutrients from reaching the tree roots. The right way is to put mulch in a donut shape around the tree.

Taking Advantage

Do not take unnecessary advantage from us when we have an appointment with you. We are not committed to assess your daughter’s tree or your parent’s yard or your neighbor’s or friend’s tree. If you want an assessment then you should mention at the time of schedule so that we know how much time we need to spare. We are not there to give free consultation or advice to your relatives because we did your work. Our services are paid.


Pruning your trees every three to five years is not necessary and does not generally improve the overall health of your trees but yes pruning dead branches is necessary.

Danger Signs

There are certain danger signs which if you notice, then you should give us a call ASAP.

  1. Growth of fungus or mushrooms sprouting at the base of the trunk. This will be like mold and green.
  2. Insects collecting at the base of the trunk and branches, this will be a sign that the tree is dead.
  3. Leaning of a tree or breakage of a huge branch after a storm or any natural disaster.
  4. The tree is going straight down the soil instead of flaring at the bottom of the trunk is also a bad sign.

Ask your arborist whether he/she is certified and an experienced person in this field or not.

These were just some of the things that have been disclosed, the others are left for you to just guess. When you need tree care or tree removal, find an arborist Montgomery County who has a good reputation.

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