Who are the right candidates for a collaborative divorce?

Who are the right candidates for a collaborative divorce?


A collaborative divorce is different from a regular divorce as the divorce lawyers try to settle the matter outside the courtroom. They attend meetings and work towards settling the matter. If the case cannot be settled outside the court and the responsibility of the judge becomes vital, then both lawyers need to let the parties select new lawyers who can represent them in the court. The collaborative divorce lawyers can have a team comprising of a neutral mental health and financial professional. One should remember that not every divorce is right for collaborative law. Both the parties should be willing to settle their case without the court’s involvement.

Know about collaborative divorce

The right candidates for a collaborative divorce is when both parties have decided that they want to get a divorce outside the court without any emotional fallout. They want to ensure that the process should be achieved in a fair way with the least amount of ordeal for themselves and their children. Both the parties should be ready to share the information and not be involved in any foul play. They are ready to deal with their frustration in other ways, rather than dealing with it in the court.

Both parties need not be best friends while seeking or after the divorce. It is not necessary that the couples should be free from sadness or anger and they need not meet marriage counselors. They should be willing to cooperate with each during the proceedings.

But anger and regret are inevitable while seeking a collaborative divorce. So, what can the couples do in such situations? The collaborative lawyers have a team of neutral health professionals. These professionals are not therapists, they suggest and gives referrals. They are trained to help couples deal with their emotions and fears. The individuals can discuss their goals in addition to their problems that one can encounter during the proceedings. For example, a party might be angry about a certain issue and should discuss that problem so that one can move on.

Hiring divorce lawyer

If you are planning to seek a divorce and want to opt for collaborative law, then schedule a meeting with a reputed collaborative law or local divorce lawyer. The lawyer can suggest the right step for you. You can end up saying that ‘my spouse might not agree’, but you can be in for a surprise. These days many couples are going for collaborative divorce because it is helpful and practical way to seek divorce.

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