Watch Out for These Signs to Know if it is Time for Air Conditioner Repair

Watch Out for These Signs to Know if it is Time for Air Conditioner Repair

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An energy efficient air conditioning system will keep you comfortable and cool when the hot months of summer come but everything changes once it malfunctions. And, unless you happen to be a home repair and improvement expert yourself, you have no choice but to deal with the sweaty days and nights until an expert can take a look at the problem. But, what if there is a way for you to know if your air condition is on the fritz way before it completely dies on you? To deal with these issues before they become more serious, search for specific symptoms you have to look out for when you examine your system or unit.

 Energy efficient air conditioning system

The air conditioning systems are always subject to condensation since moist air will pass across the coil for cold evaporation. But, when your unit visibly leaks fluid, you might be facing a mechanical issue which will need the attention of an air conditioning contractor. Leakage of water outside or inside your home might indicate that your unit’s coil drainage system where in the condensation passes through has stopped. If you happen to note an oil leakage, there is a possibility of a rust problem which lessens the efficiency. Another major symptom that your AC needs repair is refrigerant leaks.

Unusual Sounds

An unusual sound will not only indicate that your AC will soon break for it can also be very annoying. Pay extra attention to the kind of noise produced so that you can easily describe this to your repair specialist. A strong vibration or clunking might be an indication that there is something wrong with the air blowing mechanism of the unit or the bearings already require replacement. A buzzing sound, on the other hand, indicates that one of the unit’s electrical components will soon die off. In general, once your unit starts to make some noise that it didn’t make before, something is not right.

Poor Performance

Most of the problems stated above will always go hand in hand with a decreased performance of your AC unit. For example, refrigerant leaks are going to lower the efficiency of the unit which can increase the time required for cooling a room. But, a broken air conditioner will not always manifest audible or visible symptoms. At first, you might notice some performance problems before a leak or noise develops. When you suspect an issue, you can check your utility bills. Unusually high cooling costs might mean that your AC unit no longer works as it should. Hiring the services of an air conditioning expert who can give a thorough inspection of your unit can dramatically cut down these monthly costs.

If you are lucky, your broken air conditioning system can be easily repaired with one replacement part. But, when the problem is the result of a major malfunction in the system, take note that your best option is to replace the whole unit, especially when your air conditioning system is already old enough and has gone through several repairs in the past. Ask your air conditioner repair arlingon va technician about the advantages of replacement versus repair.

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