Unclogging Drains Without Chemicals

Unclogging Drains Without Chemicals

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You will need to go for drain cleaning if you see a small puddle forming in the tub when you are taking a shower or your sink is taking longer to drain. These are the warning signs which you start to notice and if you ignore them then you will face a completely clogged drain in a few days. It is best to call up a drain cleaning service so that your drain is completely unclogged.

All you need to know about drain cleaning

You can always try to unclog your drain yourself but use the drain cleaning chemical available at the shops. But the chemicals in those cleaners are so harsh that it can discolor your sink or bathtub area and its smell can even cause you irritation and burning in the eyes and can go in your lungs which is harmful. There are many natural ways of unclogging a drain which you can easily try in your home. Below are some of the ways written which you can try before calling in a professional drain cleaning service.

The Wire Hanger

Drains are unclogged due to hairballs or some other stuff and dirt clogged in the drain area which blocks the water. You can take a wire hanger and bend it and insert in the sink to push the hairball or dirt inside and take it outside. This will clear the flow of water.

The Suction Pump

You can take a suction pump and press it into the drain area for a few times to clear any blockage. The suction pump creates a vacuum in the drain area and through air pressure cause the blocking particles to go deep down.

Hot Water

Heat water on the stove till it reaches the boiling point and slowly pours it down the drain in 2 to 3 intervals and give the water time to sit after each interval. This will also unclog the drain.

Pipe Cleaning

Tell you man of the house to open the pipes under the sink and clean it off from any obstruction or residue. Pipe cleaning is very easy and gives you an unclogged drain in no seconds.

The Magic Solution

The best natural solution for a clogged drain is the vinegar and baking soda solution. Pour around a half cup of baking soda down the drain, make sure it goes really down through a funnel. Then pour around half cup of vinegar over it and it will fizz. Quickly cover it with a plug till the fizzing stops. Take out the plug and pour half cup vinegar again and cover it again. The process is to let the fizz go down the drain to unclog it. Let the mixture covered for around half an hour. Boil water completely hot and then pour boiling water slowly over the mixture down the drain. Repeat twice or thrice to unclog even the nastiest drains. This drain cleaning method works like magic.

These were some of the solutions to unclog a drain without harsh chemicals. However, you should call in an expert drain cleaning service westchester ny once in six months to cur all clogged drain issues.

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