Top 4 places to visit in Europe

Top 4 places to visit in Europe


Are you looking for the best travel destinations in Europe? Being one quarter of the size of the Asian subcontinent, Europe pulls travelers from all across the globe. The number of travelers visiting the place is simply unmatchable. If you are planning to visit Europe, there are some destinations that cannot be missed. The East London is the foremost place with its Olympics makeover, and Amsterdam with the newly opened museums is sure to thrill you up. Let us have a look at the best places in Europe.

Douro and Porto Valley

This place was once a sleepy riverside and was known for the fortified wines. Now, Porto has successfully emerged out as the Arts Capital of Europe. The great value destination is attracting a lot of buzz. The city’s art gallery, namely, Rua Miguel Bombarda is the liveliest place and the festive concerts, art exhibition create a fantastic ambience all throughout. Some of the top celebrated restaurants can be found here besides the historic wine lodges.

Northern Iceland

There are a very few destinations across the world that attracts a lot of appreciation and words of mouth. Northern Iceland is one of them. Offering the convenience of superb affordability, you can see the magnificent Icelandic bands performing here. There is no dearth of dramatic geysers here, towering and cascading waterfalls and lovely lava fields. If you wish to soak yourself completely, try out ‘Myvatn Nature Baths’ which is a less touristy version of the very famous Blue Lagoon.

The quieter, authentic traveling experience in the Czech

If you find too much of a commotion in Bohemia and Prague, Moravia is waiting to offer the authentic and quiet Czech experience. The high end boutique, the flashier wineries here are an added advantage. This place may best be enjoyed during the Harvest Season when you can behold the family-run exotic wineries. The leisurely bike rides all through the vinery is surely going to thrill you. For the art lovers, the bustling Brno has amazing museums such as the Brno City Museum. Enjoy the Mendel Museum reserved for the monks.


Anyone can get distracted by the illusionary alpine adventure in Switzerland, which seems to open up the vast expanse of Heaven. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site here, featuring the brow-raising beautiful and lavish fountain. Well, the specialty of Switzerland is the Buskers Street Music Festival, undoubtedly.

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