Toilet Drain Cleaning – How Do You Unblock Your Toilet Drain?

Toilet Drain Cleaning – How Do You Unblock Your Toilet Drain?

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Toilet drain cleaning is a necessity, especially since toilets can get blocked every now and then. When the toilet becomes slow in going down or doesn’t flush at all, it means that you have a blocked toilet.

Blocked toilets are no doubt among the most dreadful and inconvenient experiences you can ever have. The worst part is that it can get smelly, and make your entire house stink. A blocked toilet is definitely a very unpleasant sight. Good thing that there are several tips to help you deal with that blocked toilet before things got even worse.

Use a Plunger

The tools you need here include the plunger, a pair of thick rubber gloves, bucket, clearing rods, auger, kitchen towels, and others. The first thing you have to do is spread kitchen sheets around your toilet. This is only if water flows out while you unblock the toilet. Check the level of the water. When the level of water is too high, remove the water with a jug or through a siphon using a hoarse. You can then use the plunger. This plunger will be the key tool for unblocking the toilet. Make sure you use the plunger with a suitable method. Press this hard, then, pull it out little by little. Continue with the process to eliminate the blockage totally. Finally, flush your toilet.

Use Toilet Auger

When the first method fails to solve your issue, you can use another method. If you have compacted, you can use a flexible metal wire that comes with a handle, known as the toilet auger that you can easily purchase from stores. Feed the wire to the pan then wind the handle once the wire reaches the obstruction. You can then pull out the blockage then flush your toilet a few times.

After that, lift the drain cover closest to the toilet to see whether the chamber is full of water. If yes, there is a chance that the blockage is located further into the soil pipe. When the chamber is empty, the blockage is located in the soil pipe from the toilet to the chamber or inside the toilet pan. You can use rods to clean the drain or you can also call out experts when the blockage is not necessarily in the toilet itself.

Other Tips for Draining Your Toilet

Also a useful tip is to drain water from the toilet pan. When the pan’s water level is high, this is something you have to consider. You can also try to use an old container for baling out the water first or you can also use a hose for siphoning it off. You can even try to pour boiling or hot water down the pan as a good alternative to caustic soda. This is quite helpful and can break down any clogged up matter and push it down the waste pipe.

In case none of the mentioned solutions worked, you can always get the assistance of toilet and bathroom drain cleaning manhattan experts who can lend you a helping hand.

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