Talking about the famous Antique Rugs

Talking about the famous Antique Rugs


The state of Virginia in the United States of America is a famous destination to buy antique rugs from. Rugs, or the floor mattresses or carpets, are pretty commonly used by many households and families from all around the world. However, the antique rugs are the ones that people in America prefer to use and put on in their homes. Rugs, especially the antiques ones, can easily add glamour and style of a house’s floor, and they can also give your home a much matured and sophisticated look.

Of course, the primary use of an antique rug is to cover the floor with a carpet so that aesthetically your house can look better. But, some rugs are also used for keeping one’s feet warm and safe from the cold temperatures of some floor types. This is especially vital if you have marble or tile flooring.

Types of antique rugs:

As soon as you think about antique rugs and carpets, the first thing that comes to your mind is the Arabian designs. You are not at all mistaken, as Persian styled and themed rugs are the most popular antique rug forms available in the market. Apart from this, there are Indian, Mughal, Italian, French, Kilim, Caucasian and Turkish types of antique rugs available in the market. However, the Persian antique rugs are one’s people which rich calibres look for.

This is of course thanks to the pattern and traditional designs the rugs have. These antique rugs are not that widely available over the United Stated, as some stores often try to replicate the originals. That’s why some of them are still exported from contemporary Persia so that authenticity is impeccable to say the least.

Prices of these rugs:

Since genuine and real antique rugs are not that commonly found, one has to accept the fact that the prices of these rugs are always skyrocketing. If you want to buy top quality Persian rugs, then it will cost you a lot. However, others, especially some forms of north Indian rugs, can be less expensive. Even by cheap, we are talking about at least 2000 to 3000 dollars per antique rug.

However, some rugs, even the Indian ones, can go up 300 000 to 400 000 dollars depending on the work and interest on them. Of course, some of these genuine handmade rugs can become even costlier, but still you can hunt them down easily at any antique rug store in Virginia and bargain your heart out.

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