Some important aspects of tribal rugs

Some important aspects of tribal rugs

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There are different categories of rug. As soon as one starts thinking about foreign rugs, some specific brands often come into mind. The most popular and the most costly Persian rugs are sometimes mislabeled as oriental rugs. The reverse is also true. Indian rugs, Tibetan, handmade rugs etc. are some other most common labels in the rugs scenario. The common category tribal rugs include a wide variety of categories mentioned above.

Tribal rugs

They can be considered as a group of skillfully hand knotted gorgeous carpets made by nomadic tribes belonging to different countries. These rugs represent multidimensional art that defines the artistry in rug making. The designs in these rugs demonstrate beauty in the simplest and natural form. These rugs are considered as an alternative for traditional rugs as well as transitional rugs. They are usually used as flooring pieces for living rooms, children’s rooms and family rooms.

Materials and textures

Wool was in use for the creation of felts for tent purpose and for woven cloths throughout Asia. The knotted pile technique was used commonly in the eastern countries, except the Mongols who never used this technique. Hand knotted pile technique which is very complex in nature was known only to the skilled western tribes. The designs of tribal rugs consisted of lines which are zig-zag or complex that contained shapes of diamonds and squares. Natural colors have been used to compliment the ivory color in the background.
These rugs can be put into any room as they are often in the black and white range without caring for details in line design strategy. The fringed ends make them suitable to go with all design themes from contemporary to rustic. They are available in small, medium and large sizes which can be made used in rooms of different sizes. Large rugs are usually seven by ten and a half feet whereas the small ones are four feet by four feet three inches.

Buyers at Morocco can select from some hand-picked best quality handmade rugs. These hand crafted rugs store va are made out of the wool obtained from the sheep of Atlas Mountains. The tribe named Beni Quranin is well known for its excellence in weaving unmatched tribal rugs. These rug making was in existence even from the Paleolithic age. These rugs are considered 100% authentic and has proved to last through different generations that may spread over a few centuries.

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