8 Rugs Care Tips You Should Master

8 Rugs Care Tips You Should Master

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Rugs – especially handmade rugs used in your homes are a pieces of artwork that add a lot to your room. All the colors and patterns are enough for your room to look cool or classy – as you choose. Furthermore, they give warmth and texture to your house. However, you must take care of these rugs by considering these important tips.

Hiring a Professional

When you buy a new rug from a rug store, it is important that you take care of it. Rugs will deteriorate if there aren’t taken care of. If they are placed in an area of the house where there is a lot of traffic like a living room or on an entrance then they will wear out much quicker. For this reason, professionals are the ones to be called. They have all the knowledge of different kinds of rugs and know how to tackle a specific problem. Your rug must be professionally taken care of at least twice a year.

Vacuum Cleaning

The most basic way to take care of a rug is to vacuum clean it. No dust or debris can get caught up in the weaving of your handmade rugs if you vacuum clean it regularly. Make sure that you have a proper vacuum cleaner at your disposal. The setting must be low which is optimal for a rug because cleaning with high setting regularly can make the rug rough. You must also pull out the rug occasionally and clean underneath it.

Clean It Before You Store It

Whenever you decide to store up a rug, you must ensure that it is cleaned thoroughly and wrapped properly. Store it in a place where there won’t be any problem regarding the quality of the rug which means storing it in good climate place and where the moths or insects will not destroy it because it doesn’t matter if you have an antique rug, Persian rug, or tribal rug, insects and mice can destroy it. So, be careful.

Treat the Rug Immediately

In case of liquid spills like water, oil or juices, you should react quickly. Liquid, especially the ones that are sticky, are bad for rugs as they make them dirty and leave a mark. Quickly blotting them with a dry cloth to absorb all the liquid into itself, leaving the area clean and dry. For even better results, you can also use blow-drying to dry the spill after having it absorbed.

Keep Rotating the Rug Frequently

Since the rugs are subjected to wearing out quite often, it is important that you should rotate your rug every six months or so. It will have the rug to wear out evenly from every side and rest the area of the rug that was previously subjected to heavy traffic or direct sunlight that would make the color of the rug to fade away.

Have Some Knowledge About Your Rug

There are many kinds of rugs that are available at a rug store. You must know what kind of rug you own and carry out the special care for that specific rug. Most of the time, rugs will come with the washing and care instructions for the buyer to read them.

Special Care with Pets

If you live in a house that has furry pets then for sure their fur gets stuck in the rug fabric. Make sure that you have a rug cleaning brush which has stiff bristles. Before vacuuming, brush the rug to draw out all the fur that may have been stuck to be sucked in by the vacuum.

Buy Best Quality Rugs

You know if you buy rugs of cheap quality, then no matter how much you care for them, they will wear off pretty quickly. So, the first thing you should do if you want your area rug to last long is to buy a quality rug.

Which quality of rugs are the best? The most sought after quality is hand-knotted rug. They are the most durable rugs and if you have bought genuine hand-knotted rugs, they can last many decades given that you properly care for them.

So, head to reliable rug stores Vienna VA for buying best quality rugs. Also, these stores offer lots of utility tools for care for your rug. Those tools coupled with our tips above, you have a good combination that will help you maintain your rugs well.

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