Oil Pen Vapes – Why Use One?

Oil Pen Vapes – Why Use One?


Oil pen vapes are portable options for people who want to smoke weed. While this is not its sole benefit, it is no doubt its main benefit. You could just slide these vape pens into your backpack, purse, or pocket. There is no need for you to fumble for your lighter or search for your lost lighter that often happens when smoking a joint. You just have to take your vape pen out, stuff this with oil or weed, hit the start button and start inhaling that odorless vapor that gets dispelled without sticking on your clothes or skin.

Below are more interesting thing facts about vape pens.

Versatile Devices within Your Reach

Vape pens are known for their versatility in the sense that these are easy to transport anywhere and everywhere. Whether you are inside the comforts of your home or outdoors, there is no need to worry that you will upset other people because of the smoke. You don’t need to feel anxious that the odor of weed will linger in your car. You also don’t have to be concerned if you wish to use your vape during your break time or in the restroom. Once you are done with smoking, you simply need to return the vape pen to its place and you can go back to your other activities for the day.

Enjoy the Effects for a Longer Time

When using vape pens, you could expect that the strength of your first hit will be as strong as your last hit. Of course, you wouldn’t want to open up your jar of packaged flower where air can dry it out and prevent you from enjoying the best hit. This will only make the weed lose its taste and potency. But, this will never happen when using vape pens. You can enjoy more longevity compared to cannabis flower when using concentrates since concentrates can maintain their natural potency.

Better Than the Traditional Way

Vape pens also eliminate your worry about purchasing a lot of weed just so you can indulge in a good smoke. In addition, when smoking weed the conventional way, you tend to lose a few buds through carbonization or crumbling. In addition, weed placed in a joint or bowl might not be burned in an even manner unlike with vape pens. You also need to pick out the seeds and stems if you are using a grinder. With vape pens, you vaporize the puff while the rest of the weed stays in the cartridge.

Consistency at Its Finest

Over time, the impact and potency of herb flower will weaken. There are also several variations that are normal in similar strain of cannabis from one harvest to another. Consistency is what all marijuana growers strive for but it is sometimes impossible due to the complexity of cannabinoid and terpene production in the plant. Replicating concentrates from one batch to another is easier. There will also be a slight variation due to the flower used. But concentrates have the tendency to have higher level of cannabinoids and terpenes so the differences are almost unnoticeable.

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