Most Common Allergy Triggers – Suggestions for How to Handle Them

Most Common Allergy Triggers – Suggestions for How to Handle Them


Running nose, itchy eyes, frequently sneezing are the main symptoms of allergy which are extremely irritating. Spring is considered as the allergy season. During the spring time, allergens may create discomfort for more than 50 million people in the U. S. and other parts of the world. Summer can be debilitating for those people who are suffering from summer allergens. Here is the list of the common triggers of the summer allergy.

Pollen Allergies

As same as the spring, pollen is one of the biggest offenders of summer. In summer, the trees are pollinating and there are lots of grass and weeds which step up to take their place. It takes long time to deal with allergies if these are triggered by trees, plant and weed pollen.

Minimizing the exchanging of the air between indoor of your house and outside is one of the proactive steps of pollen allergies. Continuous filtering the indoor air with quality air purifier will reduce the chance of effecting pollen allergy.

Mold Allergies

If you look at the big picture, you can observe that mold is also necessary to bring the nature to its original states. But if you have allergy with mold, you will have to avoid the place covered with mold. Moisture or dampness means mold, so you should make the area around your house dry, more likely you will be able to reduce the count of outdoor mold.

Removing fallen leaves from your garden or lawn before getting it to be wet with the water of rain is one of the important steps to minimize the mold growth.  Removing dead limbs from your property to make the property free of debris will also decrease the growth of mold.

Weeds Allergies

Weed pollination generally starts in the month of August and continue through November. Ragweed is also very well known allergens. Dry windy days are the perfect time both for weeds and pollens. So if you are allergic, try to minimize the exchange of the air of indoor space to outside.

Dust Mite Allergies

Dust mites are microscopic critters which prefer dark, warm place and can be fed on the dead skin. With increased moisture in the summer month, rate of dust mites within your home air are usually increased. More specifically, your bed is the favorite place of dust mites. They usually turn into the airborne with our every day activity like plumbing pillow, making bed, walking on rug and carpet.

If you are so much careful, then dealing with allergies is not a difficult job. You should use proper tools which help you a lot to minimize allergy trigger of the allergies or visit an allergy center Chantilly VA.

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