How to treat insomnia during pregnancy?

How to treat insomnia during pregnancy?


Pregnancy period in a woman’s life is considered as the most exciting period in her life. Most women experience sensations that they have never experienced ever in their whole life. Most of these sensations are pleasant and happy. Yet, some of them can be unpleasant also. One such situation is the insomnia sensation that is experienced as a result of insomnia. Pregnant woman with insomnia often feel that they should be admitted to sleep disorder clinic near me.

Pregnancy and insomnia

Studies have shown that about 75 % of the pregnant women suffer from insomnia popularly known as pregnant and insomnia. Hormonal imbalance is the main cause for insomnia related to pregnancy. Anxiety and even panic are some other reasons for insomnia among pregnant woman. Impending motherhood and the responsibilities can be a cause of stress.


Taking medication for such problems is not advisable. As some of them may have serious side effects which can affect the fetus growing in the womb. Similarly some medications which are given for inducing sleep to the pregnant and insomnia patients can be addictive and one may find it difficult to stop using them. If you find some difficulty in sleeping during pregnancy period, you can try one of these tricks and see whether sleep is coming.

Tricks to overcome insomnia

  1. Take a shower under warm water.
  2. Light scented candles.
  3. Let your husband give you a foot massage.
  4. Hear some favorite music.
  5. Recollect memories of beautiful places you have visited.

Your doctor in the sleep disorder clinic near me may suggest some changes in your life style which is mostly related to your eating habits. He may also advice to start a new active life by taking regular exercises or going to gym. You may be asked to limit the intake of food before going to sleep. It is not good to sleep hungry. It is not good to sleep after heavy eating also. A good walk each day will be the best thing for the pregnant woman as well as the baby.


It is not a big issue to be pregnant and insomnia as the insomnia vanishes as soon as the baby is born.  However, you have to do whatever you can do to keep it to the least possible extent. The easy and simple things you can do to control insomnia is to limit the food you eat, do regular exercises and not to get over tensed about the delivery, parenthood and related matters. Reading and understanding much about pregnancy can alleviate your fears to a good extent. Insomnia during pregnancy can lead to drowsiness in the daytime, lack of concentration. This can lead to careless accidents. So be careful visit the best insomnia doctor rockville.

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