How to Take Care of Window Tint

How to Take Care of Window Tint


This page will help you understand the most vital aspects of caring for vehicle window tinting. After reading this page you will be capable of taking care of vehicle window tinting. This page will tell you what you might encounter right after getting your window tint installed and how to support your tint last as long as possible.

Window tint care tips

  • Use glass cleaner that doesn’t use ammonia. Look for glass cleaner that always says “Secure for Tint” on the label.
  • If you see little water bubbles from, don’t touch them. They will go away soon.
  • Wait 2-4 days before rolling down your windows
  • Wait one week before you wash the inside of the windows.
  • Your film should get full clarify within thirty days
  • Use a clean microfiber towel to dirt free the glass for the top outcomes.
  • Be careful with jewelry as well. Sometimes jewelry with quick edges like watches and rings can scratch the film if you rest your arm near the window.
  • Be alert with your seat belt. If you fling your seat belt off, it could hit the window and destroy the film.

Window films are used with a solution that keeps the film from sticking to the glass until required. Even though we use a squeegee to get as much water out as possible, some water is left behind. You can view this as streaking that is mostly simply seen from the outside. Because that water has to dry out for the film to fully stick to the window, you should wait anywhere from 2-6 days before you roll down your windows, depending on the weather. With some days you may also see some water bubbles forming. Those are normal. This means that the film is beginning to grab the glass and is starting to push out the water. Don’t touch these bubbles. They will go away on their own. The initial few days are the most vital time to take care of home window tinting springfield va to make it last as long as possible.

In the next week, you will also want to wait to clean your windows. This is not fully necessary, but we advised waiting to keep the film in location. Some people tend to scrub the windows hard, and if the best amount of force is applied in the best areas you could cause the film to peel and bunch up. After that week, when you do clean the windows, be sure to use a cleaner that is “Tint Safe”.

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