Fundamental information about sleep study

Fundamental information about sleep study

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When a person approaches a sleep disorder treatment for finding solution to his sleep problem, the doctor may review your sleep history and ask you to undergo specialized sleep study.  These are tests intended to monitor your sleep during night. These are painless tests for diagnosing sleep problems like sleep apnea, narcolepsy, insomnia etc.  Sleep studies helps your doctor to diagnose whether you have any sleep problem and it also helps him to find out the best options of treatment for the sleep problem detected in you.

Symptoms of sleep problems

  • Loud snoring while sleeping
  • Intermittent stoppage of breathing during sleep
  • Sleeping in a restless manner
  • Feeling drowsy during daytime

Different type of sleep studies

Sleep studies can be done at home or some specialized centers intended for sleep study where your sleep in the day time and night can be studied depending on the need. There will be a sleep specialist and he will decide which test is suitable for a particular patient. Studies conducted during sleep at night are known as overnight studies. This study can be performed in the lab or in the home. Some sleep studies are explained below.

Home sleep study:   In this study the air flow, rate of breathing, oxygen levels, heart rate etc are studied in the home. A technician will give you instructions regarding the usage of the equipment and will not be present at night in your home.

Full polysomnography: This sleep study is performed in sleep clinic near me. Several body functions like heart, brain, eye movement etc are also studies in addition to the usual information about your sleep. A technician will be present for observing the sleep study and related matters.

CPAP: This test known as continuous positive Airway Pressure Therapy is done for obstructive sleep apnea. In this study, through a mask placed over your mouth or nose, the air for breathing is supplied. Air to the lungs is supplied under some pressure so that the airway is not narrowed or flow of air is obstructed. This helps the patient to breath well. This test can be done in a sleep laboratory only and for adjusting the settings of the machinery the service of a trained technician is essential.

Sleep problems affects the quality of life and if left unattended they can bring serious threat to your health.

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