8 Things You Should Never Do To Your Countertop

8 Things You Should Never Do To Your Countertop

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Companies like granite countertop companies strongly advise people to look after their countertops. After all, these are expensive parts of our kitchen which we obviously, don’t want to lose because of our recklessness. Following are some of the things you must avoid at any cost for years of good service.

Things to know about kitchen countertops

  1. Putting Hot Appliances on the Countertop

Try to keep as much distance between the hot appliance and countertop as possible. There are several natural stones that tend to break if subjected to excessive heat. The heat can disturb the composition hence causing it to crack. You can use a dish towel, a plate or a cutting plate as an insulation barrier between the two.

  1. Placing Heavy Objects

Heavy appliances like microwave, filled pots etc can rupture the edges of the kitchen countertop brutally. The crack in the joins is not really the sight to show off. Granite, especially, is softer in nature and can lose its definite state due to load. It is highly suggested by granite installers to never use the countertop as your support for fetching anything from the upper cabinets.

  1. Placing Your Keys on the Countertop

Your car keys, house keys, locker room keys or any key, in general, can change the appearance terribly in no time. Countertop stones, be it Quartz, Granite, Marble or any other are vulnerable when it comes to things with sharpened edges. A swift sway of a key can easily leave a scratch mark on your countertop. For a safer side, never make the mistake of leaving your keys on the countertop.

  1. Leaving Spills on the Counter

The worst thing you could do to your counter is leaving it with chemicals all over it. Many stones including Marble, granite, soapstone etc are unable to stand liquid and eventually change their color. Marble turns a little yellow while other stones tend to turn a shade darker. Always make sure to clean the countertop every day before going to bed using a cleaning solution and microfiber towel for instant results. The granite countertop companies usually keep a sample in their offices for brief instruction too.

  1. Using Knife Directly On the Countertop

As mentioned earlier, stones are prone to scratch marks and make the surface rough under no time. Never use a knife directly on the surface of a counter, the opportunity may seem too tempting but seriously, don’t. The counter will lose its shine, sleek surface and altogether its consistency. Use a cutting board instead. It is cheap and extremely beneficial when it comes to the safety of your dear countertop.

  1. Placing Frozen Containers or Food on the Counter

Just like high temperature, low temperature is bad for the countertop as well. Never leave a bag containing frozen food on the countertop for too long and in case you do, don’t forget to wipe off the moisture after removing the bags from counter. As mentioned earlier, moisture penetrates through the stone and damages it leaving no other choice but to call granite installers  and change it.

  1. Not Being Careful With Acids

Unlike water, liquids with acidic behavior have the tendency to eat away your precious stones and that’s the truth. Granite installers reston va strictly warn us to never use any sort of acidic nature substance including citrus fruits and vegetables, vinegar, soft drinks, soda, perfumes, nail polish etc. These products will leave a mark on your stone for good. Always use a medium between acid and countertop and don’t forget to wipe clean the surface after working.

  1. Using Wrong Cleaning Agents

It is important to use the right amount of solution on the surface of your counter because it is not necessary that every solution works on every stone. Some stones may need a strong and some may need none at all. It all depends on the kind of counter you have. Never use an acidic cleaning agent on granite or marble, it will rob these stones of their colors and they will appear duller than their usual color. As far as butcher block countertops are concerned, vinegar is the best cleaning agent for them.

The granite countertop companies offer majestic countertops if you are able to take care of one then get one now!

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