5 Invaluable House Staging Tips To Know

5 Invaluable House Staging Tips To Know

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Before you first put up the sale board out of your house, your realtor will tell you to stage up the house for buyers. Staging up the house means to dress it up. Now the question is how to stage up the house. You can also ask questions from the seller’s agent as he will be able to guide you best.

House Staging Tips To Know

You are living in the house from years, there must be many flaws which you tend to ignore because you become immune to those flaws and your house is also your comfort zone so you do not actually mind little flaws. But these flaws will surely be notice by the buyer, so in this case the realtor recommends to fix everything up so that it adds value to your house and immediately attracts buyers. Listed below are top house staging tips that you should know.

  1. First Impression Is the Last Impression

The first impression that you will make on a buyer is through the entrance. Make sure that your curb appeal is impressive. Fix up the porch lights and treat up the overgrown shrubs and cut the weeds to clear up the landscape, if you have a small garden or backyard. If the exterior paint is not in a good condition then you should get the walls painted. White or off-white color will be the best color as it makes the house look inviting. Add some flower pots, a nice welcome mat, and some comfortable chairs for the porch to make the entrance look appealing.

  1. De-Clutter and Depersonalize

You have spent years in this house and have done a lot of stuff in it to make it your home and you have attached long lasting memories with it but the seller’s agent recommends to not give this impression to the buyer. You want the prospective buyer to envision himself in the house and for that you have to remove all your personal pictures, paintings and other stuff and make it look more formal.

Also, a buyer will surely check in each and every room as he wants to check the size and storage areas so it is better to remove all the extra clutter, extra clothes, magazines, books and everything that is not needed, so your house looks clean and spacious.

  1. Get the Fixtures Done

There might be many things in your house that is not right such as plumbing problems, broken tiles, peeling paint, chipped doors, broken locks, burnt switches, stained rugs and many other things. These surely will not attract any buyer. The realtor will ask you to thoroughly check and mend all the flaws and fixtures before showing your house to the buyer. Get all the lights fixed, get walls painted in a neutral color, remove stained rugs and put inexpensive new rugs.

  1. Clean Thoroughly

Clean and scrub your house like you have never cleaned before. Make it look sparkling shine. Clean the walls, scrub the floors and also the furniture and put fresh bed sheets on the beds. A clean house will give the impression that the house has been well cared for.

  1. Go for Neutrals Colors and Accessorize

Neutral colors make the house look spacious and inviting. No one likes dark colored rooms as it makes the room look stuffy and uncomfortable.

To stage up perfectly, add some neutral colored curtains, throw cushions on your sofa set. You can also change the setting of your furniture to give more space for walking and inspecting.

Your prospective buyer will want to see the space of the rooms for their own convenience and would also want to envision his own furniture. Make sure the kitchen and the laundry rooms are cleaned. There should be absolutely no pets around when the buyer comes to see the house because it can be a big turn-off for the buyer.

Furthermore, put fresh white colored towels in the bathrooms to give a spa like feel. Add some mirrors as they make the house look bigger. Add some frames and decoration bowls but not overdo it and keep it simple. Light some scented candles or plug in room fresheners for a good impression. The seller’s agents swear by these tips that they will surely attract all buyers.

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