5 Appealing Benefits Of Wood Countertops

5 Appealing Benefits Of Wood Countertops

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With the emergence of different types of kitchen countertops such as granite and marble, wood countertops lost its charm somewhere in between. But now wood countertops have made a comeback due to its many benefits. You can ask your Quartz countertop contractor to guide you for the best countertops for your kitchen according to your needs.

It will live as long as your house lives

Your kitchen countertop is the most important part of your house. It is the place where you cut and prep for the meals of your house. So, you will want something that is long-lasting and durable. Wood is a natural resource and generally lasts for a long time if cared for.

  1. Versatile

You would want your kitchen countertop to adopt any kind of theme and setting of the house. Wood is naturally warm and gives a very cozy and vintage look. It actually makes your house inviting. Natural wood is found in many different colors and has a grainy design and look and gives an antique feeling but is versatile enough to suit any modern setting. Apart from serving as a beautiful ornament, it is a very practical kitchen item and anything can be cut on it.

  1. A Great Kitchen Tool

A wood countertop is a great kitchen friendly tool as it is heat resistant. Is not effected a lot by knives and pots and pans. It also is more convenient than the different stone countertops as they promote noise with the clutter of pots and pans. Wood, on the other hand, absorbs noise and does not make a sound when pots, pans, and other utensils are placed on it. You need to use many food items while cooking such as citrus, which is acidic in nature and reacts with many stone countertops. Wood does not react with citrus. Wood is a natural element and has a built-in hygiene protection against germs and bacteria, so it is naturally clean.

  1. Adaptable

Wood is generally softer and can be made into any shape and design that you would want to make your countertop into. If you want a specific design, then your Quartz countertops Chantilly VA will suggest you a wooden countertop as wood is naturally pliable and can be made easily by a carpenter. Wood is generally cut into logs or bars or pieces, so it is made into a big slab for countertop by gluing the pieces together which gives it a naturally appealing look.

  1. Fixable

Wood, if damaged by sharp knives or heavy pots and pans can be easily fixed and made new again through sanding the scratches and dents and then refinishing it, and the surface is as smooth as before. Maintenance of wood is easy as you just need to clean with soapy water and just wipe it.

  1. Affordable

Wood is also very affordable to buy and get it constructed into a countertop. It is a natural resource and occurs in abundance. There are many types of wood available so you can choose and decide which kind of wood you prefer according to your cost. You can know the cost of different wooden countertops through your countertop contractor.

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